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Refurbish your old fridge easily

So we had an old fridge in our garage that we never used and we were planning on having a braai with some friends. We knew that we would need more fridge space so we decided to “fix up” our old one and bring it inside.

Here is a simple how to for anyone interested in this sort of thing. It was really easy and i would recommend it to anyone.

DIY_Fridge_Spray_Paint_Red_01Step 1:Give your old fridge a good clean with warm water and soap.

Clean it inside and out, really get in everywhere.

DIY_Fridge_Spray_Paint_Red_04Step 2:Mask off all the parts that you don’t want to paint.

Use masking tape and newspaper. Take your time on this and mask everything off properly. We took the doors off which is easier than it sounds, just a case of loosening a couple screws.

DIY_Fridge_Spray_Paint_Red_06Step 3:Grab your spray paint and start spraying.

We used red appliance paint from our local hardware.

It is more expensive than regular spray paint but it will give you a better result

Step 4:

Give it a really good spraying, make sure you get a nice even coat all over.

We did 2 coats on ours but i’m not sure that it was necessary.

1 good even coat should be enough.


DIY_Fridge_Spray_Paint_Red_10Step 5:We sprayed the fridge handles with white paint, just to make them look new again.
DIY_Fridge_Spray_Paint_Red_13Step 6:Leave it to dry for a day or two so that you don’t smudge the paint.

And then voila…you are done.

Our fridge now lives in the corner of our lounge and we use it as a drinks fridge and spare freezer. Double the fridge space that we had before and it fits in well.

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