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How to make a chalkboard in 3 easy steps

Step 1:


Find an old oven pan, we had an old scratched up one that we weren’t using anymore which was ready for the bin.

Give it a good clean with some warm water and soap.

Step 2:


Grab a can of spray on chalkboard paint from your local hardware store and give the oven pan a good coat or two.

Step 3:


Once it’s dried, start drawing, making notes, leaving messages…whatever you like.


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IMG_3020-SquareHi, and welcome… we are Grant & Mariska, and we think that we are quite crafty.

We will be posting all about the projects we do around the house. From refinishing our old fridge in bright red to handy little jars attached to shelves and even refurbishing our dinning room table and chairs.

Stay tuned folks, this is gonna be fun.